How Do I Register for an Account?

Registering for a Fandor account is easy!

You can register for a Fandor account on the Fandor website at, on your Roku, or through our Android and iOS apps.


Registering at

Go to our website on your PC at

Once you arrive at the homepage, look for the "Sign Up" link in the upper right hand of the page and click on it.



After you click on the link you will see a box that looks like this:



From here, all you need to do is enter your information and you will be all set.

Remember that your username for Fandor will be the email address you enter when creating your Fandor account!


Click on the "Continue" button once you have entered your information. You will then be directed to the Fandor website where you can begin watching content immediately!


You will also receive a confirmation email that your Fandor account is active.

Registering on the iOS and Android App

Go to iTunes and download the Fandor app for your iPhone or iPad.

Go to GooglePlay and download the Fandor app for your Android device.


Once you have downloaded the Fandor app, go ahead and open the app on your iPad or iPhone. You will be presented with the log in and registration screen below.


Tap on the "Sign Up" button at the lower right of the screen to begin the registration process.




Fill out the "Create your Account" form with your name, email address (this will become your Fandor username), and create a password for your account.



Tap "Continue" to submit your information and register your account. You will receive a confirmation email about your registration at the email address you used in the registration process.
You are now ready to binge watch Fandor!

Registering on the Roku App

To register for a Fandor account on Roku, you must first install the Fandor app on your Roku. You can see directions for that here.

Once you have installed the Fandor app on your Roku, select and open the app and you will be taken to the "Welcome" screen. Select the "Register for FREE" option.


You will be asked if you want to share your Roku account information with Fandor. If you share your information, Fandor will use the email address displayed in this window to create your Fandor username. Currently this is the only way to register for a Fandor account on Roku.

If you decide not to share your information, then you can still register for a Fandor account through our iOS and Android apps, as well as on our website at


After you share or enter your information, you will be asked if you want to use your existing Roku account information to set up your Fandor account. If you select "Continue", Fandor will use the email for your Roku account to create a Fandor username for you.


You will now be prompted to create a password for your Fandor account. You will need to enter your password a second time to confirm.


Hit "Continue" and select "Proceed" to verify that you over 17 years of age.


Scroll down to read the Fandor Terms and Conditions, and click "Agree".


You will now be signed in to Fandor and given the option to upgrade your account to VIP membership. If at this point you want to create a free registered account, select the "No Thanks, I'll try Fandor" button on the membership page.


You are now ready to get your Fandor on!

Upgrade to VIP while you're at it!

If you decide you want to get all the benefits Fandor has to offer, select "Yes, I would like to upgrade to Fandor VIP". You will then be prompted to enter your Roku PIN, which was created when you first set up your Roku. By entering your Roku PIN, you will now be billed through Roku for your monthly Fandor subscription.


If you choose the option "No thanks, I'll try Fandor," you will then be signed in to Fandor on your Roku. You can now begin watching Fandor!

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