Cancelling for Android Subscribers

For VIP Subscriptions Purchased Through the Fandor Android App and GooglePlay


On your Android mobile device


1. On your android device, launch the Google Play Store.

2. Tap Menu -> My Apps -> Subscriptions.

3. Select Fandor to view additional information about your subscription, including the expiration or renewal date.

4. From this screen, you can change your payment method for your VIP subscription or cancel your subscription.


Keep in mind that uninstalling the app will not automatically stop your subscription. In order to avoid future charges, you must cancel the subscription using the process above.


On your PC


1. Go to

2. Along the left side of your screen, select Bills and accounts.

3. Select the subscription you want to cancel and then click "Cancel subscription" on the following screen.

Uninstalling an app will not automatically stop your subscription. You must cancel your subscription to end your subscription. If you uninstall the app without canceling your subscription, you will still be charged.

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